Texas Toffee is a new spin on an old favorite.  We have a unique approach to making that time honored candy – Toffee.  The first tasty toffee was made in England in the early 1800’s as a parlor activity for the local ladies.  Over the years this delightful candy has been made by thousands of people, perhaps even your own great grandmother boasted of having the “best” toffee recipe ever.

Our boast is much more than that, it’s just plain Texas truth. Our Toffee is the best.  We’ve taken many seasoned and proven “old” recipes for toffee and spun the recipe into our very own Texas blend of ingredients to produce the best toffee you will ever have the pleasure of enjoying.

An old favorite with a modern twist….try our toffee and you’ll never buy another!

Texas Toffee is the perfect gift for any special occasion. 

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We do toffee, and we do it well!  

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 All of our toffee is made from scratch! 

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We provide a variety of delicious toffee flavors guaranteed to please any palate. Our packaging options range from small gift bags to large toffee baskets.  Our toffee is naturally gluten free, has no preservatives and is proudly made in Texas.

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